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Kelly Lynn Coaching and Consulting specializes in providing relevant and engaging professional development for educators to foster social and emotional learning, as well as, mental wellness for students AND the adults who support them. Equipping educators to support student’s social and emotional needs begins with taking care of the teacher first. Now more than ever, educators are experiencing extreme stress that is not only impacting their health and wellness, it is creating novel challenges and instability for children within the classroom. Educators who do not have adequate supports are often unable to effectively manage stress and frequently unable to assist in supporting the emotional needs of the children in their classroom.

Our professional development empowers educators with the skills to support their mental health needs and both model and instruct SEL and mindfulness skills for their students. Our interactive workshops and courses, offered in person, online and through digital platforms, focus on practical, easy to apply strategies that support mental wellness for educators so they can effectively support the wellness of their students with confidence. Let's design a meaningful professional development experience based on your community needs! Contact Kelly for more information about customized options for your school district's needs. >>>


Summer Book Talk


This facilitated book talk, Change*able by J.Stuart Ablon, offers participants an enriching opportunity to delve into Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) Strategies through structured discussions led by a skilled facilitator. Participants will engage in thoughtful conversations about Change*able, exploring challenging behaviors, strategies, and human to human interactions in a supportive group setting.

Whether you're a new teacher, veteran educator, or someone who wants to strengthen relationships with coworkers, this course provides a dynamic platform to explore CPS and share insights in a safe, interactive environment.

Tuesdays July 9th- August 13th

8:30-9:30am EST (Zoom)

4:00-5:00pm EST (Zoom)

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Facilitator Introduction ~

With over 25 years of elementary experience, Danielle Cormier still has a contagious enthusiasm and passion for teaching. Helping teachers to stay connected to their passion, Danielle is a mentor for effective classroom management and inspired instruction.


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