Six Week Online Course

Educator SEL Mindset: Self Care for the Weary Educator

How exhausted are you? It’s hard to quantify isn’t it? As an educator it is so hard to explain your level of exhaustion and what contributes to getting there. The Educator SEL Mindset Coaching Course, is specifically designed to support educators in identifying, acknowledging and addressing the heavy weight you are carrying and the exhaustion that results.

Do you find that you:

    • Struggle to find balance in your life and know you need more self care?
    • Feel like you’ve lost connection to yourself as you take care of the needs of others first?
    • Feel like you never have enough time to do things for yourself?
    • Struggle with shutting down your brain at night and have difficulty sleeping?
    • Worry about not being able to get it all done and constantly feel behind?
    • Feel a sense of overwhelm that doesn’t seem to go away?
    • Have lost touch with what brought you joy as an educator?

The six week SEL Mindset Coaching Program, is designed to offer direct emotional support to you, educators, while helping you develop the skills to both model and instruct self-care and mindfulness strategies for your students. This is an opportunity to invest in your own health and wellness by creating and maintaining practices that serve to empower a balanced and fulfilling life. By creating a culture of wellness, self care becomes a valued practice within the community and this work begins with you!

Equipping educators to support student’s social and emotional needs begins with taking care of the teacher first. Acknowledging that we cannot pour from an empty cup, nor can we facilitate acquisition of new skills that we do not know or practice ourselves, supporting teachers with professional development that emphasizes use of these skills is critical.

6 Week Program includes:n

    • Weekly 60 minute group meeting facilitated by a Certified Mindset Coach (There can also be an asynchronous option with video lessons and activities build to complete independently)
    • Weekly stress reduction skill building activities 
    • Custom ebook with additional resources, exercises and materials
    • The course can be customized to include feedback from your personal mindset coach or individual coaching sessions (for an additional charge).

PDP options include:

    • Attending weekly sessions only 12 PDPs
    • Completing weekly self care exercises (up to) 30PDPs*

*Dependent on the number of documented hours engaged in independent practice

Self Care for the Weary Educator

What educators are saying about this course:

“Kelly understands the needs of an educator and gets right into practical ideas to help us help ourselves”

“I was almost dismissive of this course (insert eye roll here), but am so very glad I attended. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

I wish the final session could be longer! I'm so disappointed that class is ending”

“I don't have time for this, and I didn't make all the sessions. However, the weeks I made time to attend, I felt better and stronger as a person afterwards. I expected to sign on to the sessions, turn off my camera and mic, and work on other things while the speaker droned on... imagine my surprise when I couldn't help but consider the practical solutions she offered to manage my stress and engage with the speaker and other participants. Every. Time. Who knew there could be a PD session that engenders hope during a COVID/under-construction/transition-everything-year! Now I just wish it lasted longer than six weeks.”

“It’s nice to set aside the time and discuss strategies with others. I’ve learned so much about balance… even when I thought I was doing all I could, I learned how to be more effective. This has shifted both my thinking and my doing. I am so much better having attended this course! Thank you!”

Finding my ‘Why’ was really helpful and grounding. It left me feeling refreshed.”


Each program is custom designed to meet the needs of the participants; however, topics covered will include:

Emotional First Aid - Putting Your Oxygen Mask on Firstn

    • Emotional regulation and connecting to self care
    • Mindfulness practices that reduce stress, anxiety and allow for focus
    • Apply it to the classroom


Setting Boundaries

    • Determine needs and how to effectively set boundaries to have needs met
    • Navigate pushback and how to manage when boundaries are not honored
    • Create boundary scripts and learn reframing techniques
    • Apply it to the classroom


Completing the Stress Cycle

    • Releasing stuck emotions
    • Moving into self care and taking action 
    • Understanding the importance of rest, recovery and SLEEP
    • Fueling your body and mind to support physical and emotional need
    • Apply it to the classroom


Find your Why’

    • Identify why you teach and drill into what lights you up and motivates you to fight through challenge
    • Connect passion and purpose to find what grounds you to your goals
    • Apply it to the classroom

Harness the Power of Your Thoughtsn

    • Understand how thoughts influence feelings and feelings drive behavior
    • Learn reframing and reappraisal techniques that shift destructive thought patterns to empower responsibility and ownership
    • Apply it to the classroom


Reframe the Narrative

    • Identify limiting beliefs and sources of self doubt
    • Access tools to reality check assumptions and reframe limiting beliefs
    • Apply it to the classroom


Empowered Thinking: Tools for a Growth Mindset

    • The power of setting intentions and focusing energy 
    • Build affirmations and power statements to drive intentions and take control
    • Rewire your brain and strengthen neural pathways that support empowered thinking
    • Apply it to the classroom

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A quick — but effective — mindfulness exercise will be delivered directly to your inbox each week for FREE!