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I have recently become curious about my astrological chart. The story behind this curiosity isn’t short. In fact it’s more of a series of short side road journeys that lead nowhere specific but end up bringing me right where I need to be. Curiosity can be like that sometimes. We don’t necessarily see the unfolding until the light is fully on, illuminating what we now can’t seem to stop thinking about. The last of these side journeys took place a few weekends ago as I was driving to yet another lacrosse tournament with my daughter. I needed a podcast to break up the ride and I accidentally fell into a conversation between professional astrologer, Heidi Rose Robbins and Glennon Doyle on the podcast, We Can Do Hard Things. I hadn’t meant to pick this, but once I realized it wasn’t what I was expecting I was already driving down the road and didn’t want to fiddle with things… so just settled into what I thought would be a light conversation about stars and moons.

The interesting thing that happened wasn’t the deep dive into the signs and what they say about us… or the notion of horoscopes and the snapshot of time they share with how we are impacted by the alignment of the planets. What hit me was the idea of the placement of three signs in our chart, not just the one we tend to focus on when we talk about astrological signs. These three placements are called our SUN, MOON and RISING. What these three signs say about our experience is what I found fascinating and what caught me in reflection for much of the following weekend.

In the podcast, Heidi offers a wonderful view of the three placements in our unique “map”. In this explanation she shares that your SUN sign is you as you are in the now, the present, your daily self. Your MOON sign is all that you bring with you, all that has shaped you as a child and your RISING sign is all that you aspire to be, your yearnings. Your RISING sign is your soul’s calling.

Ahhhh… now I could lean in. She was speaking my language!

I love this idea of rising into your soul’s calling! This suits me… and regardless of your interest in astrology and the placements of the planets in your unique astrological chart, surely you can embrace the idea of where you are growing from, who you are in this moment and where you are going. So often in the chaos of our lives we can get stuck focusing on what has passed, no longer malleable… and we feel the angst of powerlessness and regret. Or, perhaps we get lost in our daily responsibilities, the tug and pull of “doing” and never allow ourselves to stop, breathe and listen to the calling of our longings. It is this place that points us to our RISING and all that we are called to do… and it is this place that found myself gazing toward as the podcast credits rolled and I was left to sit with myself and my wonders.

There is this voice in all of us that calls us to lean into something greater inside ourselves. Sometimes it is a soft whisper, that of a gentle breeze brushing against your skin and makes you think, “what if…” and sometimes the voice screams out to be heard, demanding you pay attention to the largeness inside you. Yet, we are skilled at muting this voice and replacing it with “I can’t”, “It’s not realistic”, “That will never work” or “You will never be able to do that”. We are expert at dismissing our RISING.

As you look toward the end of summer and the joys of play, relaxation and rest… I invite you to slow and listen. Allow for the voice of your RISING, the calling of your soul purpose, to be heard, and allow for your own wonder.

That is it… your Mindful Mini invitation for the week. Look toward the RISING sun and cultivate all that you are being called to do and be. Let go of practicality and doubt that keeps your inner calling muted. As you set yourself toward fall, and return to the comfort of routines and the gloriousness of the harvest season, allow the excitement of your purpose to bubble to the surface. Talk about it… share… explore and wonder. Not sure what that even looks like? Open up to the dreams you have tucked away. This is an invitation to live the qualities of your RISING and embrace all the possibilities in front of you. You CAN embrace who you are being called to become. Be brave. The world needs you… and YOU are soooo worth it!

Yours in heart,

Kelly Lynn Driscoll

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