The Life You Long For in 2024

Hello incredible humans!

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2024, it’s nice to finally meet you!

I absolutely love a fresh start, a new beginning… a rebrand of sorts! It’s a chance to reflect on what has been and an opportunity to breathe life into what we have previously only imagined. While you do not need a brand new year to give you permission to refresh, it sure does feel inspiring! The reality of a new year is just as momentous as Mondays or even each new morning. It’s no more unique than any other flip of the calendar… but we tell ourselves that this new day IS DIFFERENT and that holds a different kind of energy and power.  When we see things in a new way it FEELS different! And, when we feel differently about something, our behavior shifts… and that changes everything!

Did you know that 96 percent of our thoughts are a repeat of what we thought yesterday? 


Let me say that differently…On average we have about 50,000 thoughts a day and they’re not terribly unique… we recycle them over and over. It’s no wonder that we end up feeling stuck and struggling to change our behavior… because our thoughts create our emotional state and we act based on those feelings. And so it goes… when nothing changes, nothing changes! 

What an interesting thought on the first day of January… which makes me wonder, did you set a New Year’s Resolution? 

Odds are you have, in one way or another, contemplated how to improve your life in 2024. It might be very intentional, something you arrived at through reflection and designed with action items and plans. It might be less organized and more fluid… such as selecting a word or phrase to guide you through the year. Maybe it’s very concrete, like losing 10 pounds… or maybe your longing is nebulous and you just want to attract abundance. You might be challenging yourself to eat better or you may have embraced The Whole 30 with detailed meal plans. Regardless of how it looks, nearly all of us arrive at the transition to a new year with some sort of desire, longing or wonder. How might my life be better if only I…?

GAH! So what happens to these intentions, manifestations and resolutions? Where do we find ourselves in May or October?

Sadly, our recycled thoughts sneak back in and we repeat both the script and what we have been doing for the previous year or years. We have every good intention… AND we have the inspired motivation to make it happen. What we don’t have is a new narrative to go with the new intention… and with thoughts in the ‘behavior change’ driver’s seat, we keep going in the same direction on the same road over and over.

So, here is your first Mindful Mini invitation of 2024, change the narrative! Challenge those recycled thoughts that keep you stuck and feeling small. How, you ask? You MUST lean into aligning your thoughts with your values and then making value centered decisions that support the changes you are longing for. Wait.. there’s a catch (there always seems to be one), this takes WORK and it’s really tough to do on your own. Our brains are crafty, evolved organs designed to keep us safe… and well, change can feel dangerous. Our brains prefer safety, so they keep us thinking the same thoughts. If you want to feel differently, you have to do the work of clarifying your core values and shifting your thoughts to align with what you truly want. There’s no way around it. So, if you really mean it when you say you want things to be different, do the work!

Doing the work DOES NOT mean you have to do it alone! Check out all the incredible support I have to offer, or connect with someone who challenges you in just the perfect way to help you grow. It’s time to shift and create the LIFE YOU LONG FOR in 2024 because you are so worth it!!

Yours in heart,

Kelly Driscoll

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I empower districts to transform culture and educators to transform their lives so they are connected, fulfilled and aligned with purpose. With over thirty years experience in education and education administration, I specialize in supporting Social Emotional Learning (SEL), balance and a culture of wellness. It is my MISSION to bring joy back to education!

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